"For the past three months, we have made Gudalur our home and the staff at ACCORD our friends and family. We feel extremely honored to have had this opportunity to volunteer and work with the adivasi communities in the area.This place and the work done at ACCORD are both very close to our hearts and we would love it if you could help raise money so they can continue the important work they do with adivasi communities in the areas of health, education and economy."

Lindsay, Josie and Tanya. Students from Australia


Lindsay, Josie and Tanya. Students from Australia

"The rest stops were just phenomenal, not the run of the mill tourist spots. Totally offbeat and interior, things that you are not likely to find in tourist places. There are a lot of hard rides and easy rides, this one is the perfect combination of a lot of fun and education. You learn so much, at least i did."Mani Harihara. Rider, March 2013


"The best part of the whole cycle trip which i have enjoyed both last year and this year are the people. Because its the people that makes the trip great. It's more than just cycling for the cause and fundraising, It's also about building a community and having fun."Stan Thekaekara. Founder, ACCORD



" The most amazing trip I ever had!! It was a great experience being and riding with you over the last 4 days. It was only 4 days but felt like i am with long time friends. It was really nice to see the determination of everyone to continue despite the pains. Thank you for organizing the tour and i feel fortunate to have been part of it. I am highly appreciative of your commitment and the work you all at the Shola Trust are doing."Jayananad Kotri. Rider, March 2013


"Varun reached home safely yesterday night and he can't stop raving about the trip and all of you. THANK you so much for making it so memorable, would like to join in on future trips myself! Wish you all luck in everything you do..."Rema Menon, Varun Menon's mother.