The Cause


ACCORD has been working with the Adivasis (tribals) of the Gudalur Valley in the Nilgiris for nearly 30 years, supporting them to assert their rights, especially their right to land. Working through the Adivasi Munnetra Sangam (AMS), an organization with over 20,000 Adivasi members, we have ensured that they enter mainstream society on their own terms, in dignity and pride.
Today, these communities are faced with new challenges. A changing economy, puts at risk the gains achieved by us in the field of health care and education over the years. With only meager wage labour open to them, young Adivasis are forced to migrate to towns and cities. This has led to a disintegration of their identity and culture. To counter this trend ACCORD seeks to find new and innovative ways of combining traditional livelihoods with modern technology and access to markets. 2 such ventures are …


‘The Honey Project’


The Kattunayakan tribe are traditional honey gatherers. Their age old wisdom and skill make them experts in tapping honey from towering trees with their bare hands. However, shrinking forests and changing economic conditions put at risk their lifestyle and very existence.

In 2013, ACCORD established the honey project with the aim of collaborating with the community to sell honey as an organized activity. Through the project the community will collect and sell their honey through an Adivasi collective ensuring the survival of their forest and their tradition whilst generating an income. The project has been a success and generated 6.4 lakhs for the community and impacted over 250 families.




adivasi eco tourism based initiative to empower local communities and protect the environment, while enriching both local and visitor’s lives. EcoScape is a eco-retreat tucked away in the Nilgiris surrounded by the wilderness that is run and managed by the Adivasis. The initiative and its activities, helps travellers get closer to the Adivasis through it various activities that help them engage with Adivisis and the ecosystem of the Nilgiris.

The profits from the resort is brought back into the organization in helping Adivasi communities in the Nilgiris.

The funds generated through Go MAD will support the ongoing work on securing adivasi livelihoods.


Support ACCORD…Support adivasi self reliance!

ACCORD is a registered NGO and sponsors can avail tax exemption under 80G

Registration Number : Registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Government of India
Registration Number : 094420439



How will we use the funds raised?

A part of the funds raised by participants will be used to set up a vocational training programme for the Gudalur adivasi youth. A portion will also be used to help cover the trip costs, including:

  • food and accommodation in the institutions and schools we halt in (including the Green Hotel);
  • juices, snacks and refreshments along the way;
  • staff fees; and first aid/medical kit and material/parts for cycle repairs.
The funds raised shall not cover:
  • Travel fares to the start-point and from the end-point;
  • Personal expenses, tips, laundry, etc.; and
    expenses incurred due to reasons beyond our control

To register for the tour you will pay a minimum of Rs.8000/- and the balance amount will be raised by you through friends and family