The Cause


ACCORD is a registered society which has been working with the tribal communities of Gudalur for the past 30 years. It acts as the organizational back-up and support for Adivasi Munnetra Sangam, an association of the four major tribal groups in Gudalur with more than 18 000 members. The focus and work of ACCORD has always been to ensure self reliance among the Adivasi community and ensure that they meet and interact with the rest of society on equal terms.


Towards this end, ACCORD has worked on ensuring land rights for the tribals – reclaiming more than a 1000 acres of lost land, implemented a host of livelihood projects including a landmark scheme to grow coffee and tea in reclaimed land, formed associations to market precious forest produce such as honey and brought back the idea of community owned property through Madhuvana plantation. ACCORD, through AMS, has supported tribal rights to forest produce, provided legal support wherever necessary and empowered the community in their fight to preserve their heritage and culture.

ACCORD has done and continues to work in the fields of education as well as health care. The initiatives undertaken by ACCORD since its inception in these two fields eventually led to the establishment of Gudalur Adivasi Hospital under ASHWINI as well as Vidyodaya school under VBVT.

Presently ACCORD is focusing on


  • Aroghya Krishi/Gardens for Health – A project aimed at promoting the nutrition levels among Adivasi communities as well as increasing self reliance in terms of food and nutrition.
  • Total Habitat Project – ACCORD has selected a tribal hamlet for a total habitat project which includes housing built by the community using a blend of modern and traditional techniques with minimal reliance on external assistance and material, community spaces, safe drinking water, access roads, fish ponds etc. Once completed, this village, especially the housing, can act as a model for all such schemes across the country.
  • about-accordCombating Alcohol Abuse – The incidence of alcohol use has sharply risen among the tribal community as a result of various factors and ACCORD has taken this issue up on a priority basis.
  • Facilitating Access to Basic Facilities from the Government – ACCORD, through AMS, facilitates community members in accessing basic government ID as well as schemes for essential amenities.

Upcoming Projects

  • about-accordCulture – In addition to the work already done, preservation of rare artefacts, language, songs, dance and other components of Adivasi way of life is being planned via a multi pronged approach of online as well as offline methods
  • Savings – The existing savings scheme which promotes financial prudency among the Adivasi community is proposed to be expanded to cover all of AMS.

ACCORD is a registered NGO under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960
Registration Number : S. No 440/ 85-86, March 6,1986