February 2014

Go MAD 2014 raised funds for ACCORD,  to help the adivasi community cope with the onslaught of modernity on their way of life, and to prepare them to emerge from this with their heads held high, proud of their culture and their people.


Funds raised through Go MAD 2014 was used to support ACCORD’s ongoing work on securing livelihoods. When ACCORDD supported the adivasis to plant tea on their newly reclaimed lands we changed the economic base of the community – from being highly vulnerable daily wage earners to small farmers. This broke their dependence on the local land owners and gave the adivasis some measure of independence. However, we have found when adivasi deal with the mainstream economy as individuals they are still prone to exploitation given the fact that theirs was a collective economy. Hence we have supported them to collectively market their produce. The Adivasi Tea Leaf Marketing was the first venture. On the heels of that we have started a honey marketing collective and have piloted marketing their coffee and pepper. We hope that this will also soon grow into a collective.


ACCORD thanks everybody involved with GoMAD 2014 for supporting this work and making the tour a grand success!